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OC'd at 5 mile, & Sheldon (Speedway) Also OC'd at 696/10 mile. Met two guys at the job site who were interested in OC, one had a CPL, and the other was looking for a class.

Last Monday, my uncle and I rode our motorcycles to Caseville and back. He cc and I oc (open carry). I carried my Beretta 9mm in a brown hip holster. We stopped at Tim Hortons in Imlay City and various other stores and gas stations along the route. Some folks are stare-ers and others pretend you are not carrying. Either way, I had my voice recorder for the possible Leo (law enforcement officer) stop.
 We passed a few during the ride by nothing came of them. I think that they can see my clip on my belt, but I'm not sure. This means that they know that I'm exercising my right and will leave me alone. I previously coached my uncle on a possible police stop and he said that would be ok with him. Anyways, I think I'll carry some trifolds or mcl laws for those who stare but won't start up a conversation. I'm sure the info will make them more knowledgeable. Good experience!

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OC at AB& Eats. No problems, a few people stared few pointed I smiled and kept walking. A news photographer supposedly snapped a shot of my son and I. He said he worked for the Observer.

We plan to go back today so my son can ride some rides. I plan to eat else where, we gave them to much money last night. We ate outside the compound and were told we had to throw away my sons untouched burger as we were not allowed to bring it in. That sucked it was a good looking burger from cafe habana, oh well


Open carried at Art, beats and eats today. I carried my Beretta 9mm along with my wife and her daughter. I was very ready to have an encounter if it should come to pass. It didn't!! After i left the parking garage ($15) i encountered a leo outside of the garage. He said hi.
 I thought that was easy enough. We or I got more reaction from the various tourists during my 3 hour walk and shop around. My wife over heard people discussing the controversy, but no one said peep to me. Basically, they talked with their looks and amazement on those who were there as foreigners.
        Passed alot of Royal Oak officers and staff of the festival. Those security folks basically ignored me. I'm sure there were undercover "tourists" dogging me, but i can't prove it. It didn't matter, in that i'm a responsible gun owner. I was hoping to see a fellow carry-er, but it was crowded.
        It felt great to feel the Right of FREEDOM  in which some of our Founding Fathers died. It's up to us to ensure it wasn't done in vain and to pass the heritage on to our future generations. Only in America, and not in all States must we regard our firearms as our liberty teeth against tyranny and slavery. It was exhilarating!!

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A friend of mine OC'd at a diner in Jerome near bundy hill offroad.

Hi Point .45 in an OWB,outside of his jacket,then a ruger(i believe a MK.II) in an unknown type of holster on the inside of his jacket on the opposite side for a cross draw type thing,but the ruger was concealed.

He is an ohio resident(has carry permit) first time open carrying and first time carrying out of state.

The diner changed owners since the last time we had been there,so the menu changed slightly,thats the only issue we had,as todd wanted the veal Parmesan they used to have.We had the same waitress as all of our previous times though,and we love playfully harassing her about school teams,she is a U of M fan,the ohio guys i was with are Ohio state,and im MSU,it was all in good fun though and she knows it.

Passed out a few tri folds to the people eating with us,they had thought that you had to be 21 to even own a handgun,one admitted he knew i could buy one at 18 legally but couldnt own it(how does that work out?)but after he read the tri fold he seemed to know alot more.


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