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Walked through holt today while getting a little Caesars pizza,some guy in his early 20s driving probably one of the most riced out cars ive ever seen(this thing had a coffee can welded on past the muffler,taped on spoiler,and truck nutz) did a triple take,but that was the only thing worth mentioning.

sorry been absent for a while on here. computer issues. needless to say if i'm on a jet that has to make an emergency landing in india - i'm dead. sure i have the death sentence there. my usual conversations with them include my opinions on them taking american jobs, requests to talk to only american citizens, and calling them liars for using an american name as well as how helpful they were in harboring most of the 9/11 suicide terrorists. "you were born in india and they named you frank? you can't even say frank and thats your name?"`
no real notable OC but hugely sucessful in recruiting new members to OC. been throwing out trifolds like a lawn sprinkler. my job puts me in contact with enough like minded people who seem very interested. my friend out of the army for one just bought a Taurus 9mm and a holster to start OC with me. she's going to take CPL class too but we are planning OC trips to help her get used to it.
good to be back on the forums. was feeling isolated. didn't OC at all at AB&E at all because i didn't know what had transpired and laying low with new job. missed you guys.

Evil Creamsicle:
I OCed on Saturday up in Frankenmuth during the Autofest!

Lots of nice, nice cars, and lots and lots of OC indifference. Which is good.

One guy who was the proud owner of a very beautiful, bright yellow '69 Camaro SS drag car, shouted "Yeah, 2nd Amendment!"

I even OCed at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. No problems. :P

holster carried into Lansing police HQ and city hall.
no issues,other then Lansing still being a *insert word for male genitals here*   about my purchase permit.

then OC while messing around in the shed and then again later going for a walk.

took my friend out today for her first OC. she bought a taurus pt709 slim 9mm and holster. took her to 2 stores i already tested so knew there wouldn't be a problem. gander mountain and best buy west oaks novi. no issues or problems. even chanced old navy and no problem. gave her run down on the way. a few best buy employees asked about the law and i gave them the answers they needed. seemed genuinely interested. she was at ease with it all and wasn't self conscious at all. she noticed the no eye contact people and the people that go out of their way to look at you. also the overly polite people too. she loved it. welcome a new OCer guys.
after i dropped her off i went to a regular walmart i frequent and no issues and at my jeep loading groceries a guy came up to me asking about OC and introduced himself. said he wants to try it but nobody around here does it and was glad to see somebody doing it and thanked me. i think for every one person that says it there are a hundred that don't. he said he carries in detroit out of necessity but nowhere in the suburbs. a chance meeting but hope i convinced him. all in all a great OC day.


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