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Pond Scum:
Drive safely!    I was a Delta flyer for years.  After they bought NW they had 85% of the flights in Grand Rapids and most of them in Detroit too.  Before that I lived in Atlanta and Charlotte, NC for a while and it was the main airline there.  When Southwest came to GR Sue switched over to preferring them so that has been our go to airline.   But we decided to make a mid winter trip to Hawaii and after all these years I still had enough Delta Skymiles to pay for the flight.

All this cancel culture of Georgia is stupid.  All they did was codify voting laws to make it clear and try to minimize fraud.  Pulling baseball, movies and business from the state only hurts the residents.  Just a way for politicians and movie stars to say, "Hey!  Look at me!  I really care!"   Sigh.

Took the Suzuki out for a test ride yesterday after a spring tune up.  Oil & filter, spark plugs, and synchronized the carbs.  Plus switched to a HirFlo air filter after years of running a K&N.  Bike is running better than it has for years!  AND I was OC'ing the hard chrome 1911. 

1) Southwest Airlines doesn't operate out of Lansing.
2) What Suzuki?  Last time I was at your place you had two GoldWings.

Pond Scum:
Suzuki??    A GS1100 that I bought new in 1980!   I sold the 94 Wing a few years back and I'm still riding the 96 Wing.   The Suzuki sat in the boat house for 25 years when I was spending my spare time boating.  After Sue got me to buy the first Wing I sent the Suzuki to a friend of a friend in Texas for a frame off restoration.  I expect when you were here it was in TX.  It is a fun bike to ride.   Very nimble compared to the Wing.  I don't ride it if I'm going 50+ miles but around town and short runs are great.

We are about to add a new ride to the stable .... Sue wants "control" so she is going to riding school for a CY endorsement - 3 wheel version.  She wants a Ryker.  I refuse to buy the Ryker until she completes the class..... June 13th at Fox Powersports in Grand Rapids.  But we have been getting ready.  We bought her a new Helmet and I'm going to order up Bluetooth headsets - The Cardo PackTalk Bold. 

OC Walk in Manchester, CT.

I wasn't there, but it's a nice little video.

Finally went to the new Culver's in South Haven... and went INSIDE. Open carried into and through the building. Sat down and was conversing with some people from town, who had NOT seen my openly carried pistol. As another gentleman left from across the aisle that we were in, he walked up to our table and said, "Thank you for protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights!" We smiled and I thanked him and he went on his way. No other comments, good or bad.

Carry On!


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