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OC'd and CC'd while mowing my lawn.

CC'd in the front yard.  Then I got too warm and took my over shirt off and OC'd in the back yard.
I did the same thing today, both in the front yard, then in the back yard, that in the front yard again, all without a shirt on, but I wonder, does that really count? :-\

I love to OC in my front yard when i'm washing my car or truck. Or even mowing my grass and my two neighbor's also.
Went again to the Walmart in Livonia Mich. OC'd to pick up some rounds for my Glock 19. OC'd to gun range to shoot the box of 50. People in the Walmart were just looking no one said anything. Made sure i spoke to the customer svc. person on my way out. Soon as i hit outside crossing the walk a  patrol stopped so i could go across he looked right at my sidearm.
I just walked on to my car. Oh Yea also OC'd to my everyday coffee shop. I meet new people in there everyday. When i was at the gas station a older man asks it i was a cop. I said no just a LBC. He looked at my shirt a saw the words U.S.M.C. then said you are a Marine. I knew what he was trying to say. But i just said everything about me is legit  :) and walked out. Carry On.

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Master Control:
OC'd yesterday thru Last night (sunday) at AB&E's enjoyed the concert at Mi Lottery stage, nobody seem to even notice or care, only one stinkeye from a RO LEO while in the VIP area but uneventful, after the concert had a brief run-in with Jonathan (non OC related) we resloved the issue and parted as gentlemen with no ill will over the conflict. after that walked over to acknowledge the Chief & exchanged greetings also a handshake , had a laugh or two, then parted ways, He was as always (in my experience) the consummate professional.

todays (monday) OC on foot was in the area of Kelly /Greyton / Morang / Harper & 7mile on Detroit's east side , was noticed on two different occassions by DPD cobra units, they gave me a friendly nod on both occassions, another uneventful OC day.

Me and TheQ walked around holt and lansing tonight,no issues,other than my dog being lazy and forcing me to carry her part of the way back.


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