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WANTED: Volunteers to be a part of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. Leadership

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>> Event Coordinator for Metro Detroit Area.

Well, I can not guarantee that kind of commitment and being a new guy to this I am not qualified...

BUT --

>> Establish a Downriver specific event coordinator with a deputy(s) to assist.

I could volunteer as a "deputy/assistant" possibly. I would like to get involved and would like to help. not sure how yet but want to get into the loop and perhaps help/or arrange something local.

Let me know. I want to help out if I can and will do more as my kids get older and I learn more about this area.

I didn't notice any need for people in the Monroe/Monroe County area. like Scotchman, I too am interested in helping, but I also am new to this (organizing events and such, not OC).

I nominate Mike Aquilina for S.E. coordinator. I am certainly willing to be a deputy/assistant coordinator if needed.


--- Quote from: weissb3550 on August 12, 2012, 11:04:07 PM ---I nominate Mike Aquilina for S.E. coordinator. I am certainly willing to be a deputy/assistant coordinator if needed.

--- End quote ---
We are looking at him for the Downriver area.  The SE Coordinator is going to be a bigger position.  We will fill it from a regional coordinator once they have shown themselves reliable and decide they want to handle more.

To schedule events you do not have to have a specific title such as "[local area] event coordinator" you can certainly schedule events on your own for your area and MOC will be happy to advertise them.  Some things to remember are:

* Schedule an event at an establishment that is not licensed to sell alcohol (this will accomodate non CPL holders who OC)
* Afternoon lunches work great on the weekend as well as dinners, late dinners have also worked out for weekday events as well, however to maximize your turnout the weekend usually works best for people
* Try to schedule the event a few weeks out, primarily because it gives people time to plan for that day if they want to go, also it provides time to advertise the event.
* When you're scheduling an event make a courtesy call to the establishment to reserve the day and to make them aware that those attending will be lawfully carrying firearms (I havent been turned away yet so dont worry) we dont want to surpise them by just showing up
Setting up events are usually pretty simple and only take a little while to organize and post. If you have any questions about setting up events MOC leadership is always available to answer questions.


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