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Thank you, for allowing us to help better protect your gun rights.

Mr. Duffin and other members of the Kent County Gun Board,

I am writing because I understand you are the delegates from the relevant elected/MSP officials that make up the "Gun Board" in Kent County.

A member of my organization recently sent me a question asking if the NRA or MColes CPL training certificate expires. Your website indicates it does have a one year expiration date. Is this correct, does the Kent county gun board not accept the CPL training certificate if it has been over one year since its issue date?

Application for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

    Application Fee $105.00
    License Term:
    A license is valid until applicant’s birth date “that falls not less than 4 years or more than 5 years after the license is issued” by the Gun Board.
    Obtain application from your local police, sheriff or County Clerk.
    Complete training before applying, and the certificate shall contain:
    - The statement "This course complies with section 5j of 1927 of PA 372". (Original certificate required.)
    - The printed name and signature of course instructor.
    - That the individual has successfully completed the course.
    Submit application within 1 year of completing training.
    Bring completed application with attachments (e.g., photo, safety training certificate, private investigator license copy) to the County Clerk.
    Photo; submit passport quality photo with application.
    (Face must fit into 1" x 1.25" area shown below.)
    All applicants must be fingerprinted after submitting application. If not done by the sheriff, there will be an extra charge. (You may not have to be reprinted on renewal if: a) you were printed after 1/1/2006 and, b) those prints are still in the Michigan State Police database).
    Fingerprint clearance and sheriff verifications may take several months.
    After verifications, applications go to Gun Board for approval.
    You may be required to appear before the Gun Board.
    After Board approval, Clerk’s office issues the CPL license.
    Lost license replacement fee is $10.00

Thank you for your help in this matter. I look for forward to your timely response.

Phillip Hofmeister
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

Mr Hofmeister:
Thanks for your e-mail of 1/24. Since it was addressed to me, I have been "elected" (tasked) to reply, with the advice and consent of the other board members, and the Kent County Corporate Counsel (the county Attorney).
The excerpt that you provided is apparently taken from the Access Kent County website. It should first be noted that none of us have seen this before, and have no idea who posted this information, which implies that the application must (?) be submitted within one year of completing training. This further implies (although it does not clearly state), that the training certificate is time limited.
Neither is true. The enabling statute does not place a time limitation on the training certificate, and, since it does not, neither the individual counties, nor their Concealed Weapon Licensing Boards can do so, and to be more specific, neither Kent County, nor it's Concealed Weapon Licensing Board does so.
Efforts are under way to remove the referenced clearly erroneous statement from the website, in fact, it may already be gone.
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. If we may be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
W. B. Duffin, M.D.
Kent County Concealed Weapon
Licensing Board

If you're not already a member, please consider joining us today.  Your paid membership helps us become a more recognized force in Michigan when dealing with situations like this one.
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Nicely done!
Its not GUN rights, its HUMAN rights.

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