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Kid's book on open carry

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My Parents Open Carry
On sale now go to to find out more.

It's very popular among children. That was a useful sharing. Keep sharing such stuff.

Amazon Best Seller August 2014

Editorial Reviews
"...going to read it to my kids tonight."  Glenn Beck

"Excellent book for a child. The book's arguments seem reasonable"  Larry Pratt, GOA

"What a beautiful bedtime story..." Stephen Colbert

"...the left is taking potshots at the book My Parents Open Carry, ranked 3 times higher on Amazon's Bestsellers list than Sen. Warren's A Fighting Chance." ~ Breitbart News

"Jeffs and Nephew are hoping to do what I've been saying all along, reach the younger generation..." ~ Freedom Outpost

"Thank heavens! I...lament how closeted gun owners are, and how I seldom hear from them." ~ The Washington Post

"I love it...boy does this fill a vacuum!" ~ Alan Korwin

"Love the book." ~ Mark Walters

"Outstanding, outstanding.... Very well done...I believe long overdue." ~ American Trigger Sports Network.

"...we strongly support providing children with information that will protect them from gun violence..." ~ Parents Against Gun Violence

"And now, sitting on top of Amazon's bestseller list for Children's Government Books, is a book that explains how families that love guns together stay together... ~ Dennis Abrams,  Publishing Perspectives: 8/6/14

Get it in time for Christmas.

I'm going to mention this book to Lori. She's in charge of the women's advisory committee and this could be good material to mention for any mothers that we hope to get together at one of our gatherings soon.


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