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--- Quote from: ocdetroit on June 23, 2010, 01:44:51 PM ---Thats wrong Pat he should have had his MOC Card long ago. Yes u don't need a card to open carry but why send money then? We want alll the bennie's.

--- End quote ---

All right... I was trying to be nice and look what it gets me.

Here's the real deal. There have been 3 presidents, countless VP shuffles, a treasurer that did nothing for months, the replacement (and IT Director) that got pissed off by someone once too often and resigned (by the way... great job on the website/forum viperar15), resignation and then reappointment of regional coordinator, tax forms that are still not filed for the last tax year, and membership monies that have been received and not processed.

All of this since Ponderosa.

And there is still the mantra that so much good has come from it.

Is there so many new members signing up every day that it is that overwhelming to keep up with?

I give Jeff a lot of credit for trying to get a reign on things.

Maybe it's not the organization, but the structure that needs to be addressed.

Now for the apologists...

Regardless of the history of term oil and lack of better judgement. Personaly I feel MOC.INC is on a much better path now. That being said I really think MOC.INC has potential to really make a difference in Michigan. Wether or not MOC.INC takes the reigns cannot be forseen do to there history. I hope they do. I have been reading everything from Michigan rewriting its constitution to creating a terrorist related law or creating an amendment in regards to OC.  Groups like MOC,MGO and others with PROVEN track records IMO are the only ones willing to take issue's of this nature head on.

Growing pains are just the nature of the beast with an org like this. That being said. MOC.INC has proven that regardless of mistakes it has made will continue to try and do the right thing. I hope!

The reasons/excuses work for a little while but after 3 months and multiple e-mails it just plain looks bad.

MOC card, stickers, key chain, print materials; it really doesn't matter what it is.  What matters is what was promised should be sent.
When someone sends in their money they shouldn't be ignored or made to feel like an idiot when they inquire.

I am not sure I want to refer anyone to MOC membership until this is sorted out cause like someone said their OC pistol is all the credentials needed.

I totally agree. There should be no reasoning or excuse in regards to your issue. Just one more reason why I do not believe in the aspect of paying to play. To my knowledge MOC has other issue's in regards to finances , taxes and other things. The member service department? If there is one? Is probably on the back burner as the company has far greater issue's to deal with.

Forgot to update:  I received my packet in person at the Marysville Picnic.  Thanks Jeff!


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