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Tell us about your bad CPL Class

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--- Quote from: birddseedd on June 07, 2014, 10:29:46 PM ---Guy didnt seem to think the constitution could override laws, he was quite anti OC

--- End quote ---

Thank you for not including any if the requested info that you quoted...?

*sigh* after being asked to post due to an experience this past weekend. i reluctantly post.

1. Date you took the class. july 19th 2014
2. Instructor's Name (Along with any assumed/business names) Rich Weir
3. What company (if any) the Instructor works for.
4. The name of the lawyer/law enforcement officer that taught the class. there was none rich did that part as well
5. How was the lawyer/LEO? he was knowledgeable in the self defense laws. answered the many questions i asked of him
6. How was the instructor? he was a good instructor. he mentioned everything that my previous CPL class had mentioned. it was the nra class, he is nra certified
7. What was the worse part of the class? he was under the impression you cannot OC with a cpl, i showed him update 86 as well as the cc pfz law and the possession of a firearm law without a cpl stating with a cpl you are exempt. he seemed receptive and said he would look into it some more and took a copy of the 2 MCL's and update 86 for future classes. he thanked me for teaching him something he did not know

mikado/lincoln area up north by oscoda/harrisville

My story, I took this guys class, Now I see he has no MI experience. Never mentioned OC. it was at the Firearms Exchange in Livonia. It was me and an older black lady about 58 yo. Some small talk revealed this lady bought a 9mm glock, not sure what model, at the urging of her son. She had never fire a gun before. She brought the pistol in, in a plastic grocery bag in her purse. She thought the class was mandatory to own the gun. We talked about how a revolver might be a better idea.  When she heard we will have range time, she asked if it was with "real bullets" He showed a movie on home defense and we took lunch. On the range, she went first. After showing her how to load her pistol, he said go ahead, aim and fire. She hit the target at 10 ft then he said fire again. This time the slide laid the top of her thumb wide open. At least she didn't panic. he ask me to watch the lane as he led her away to "get her a band aid" it probably needed stiches. They came back, he said my turn, I shot 50 shot in 5 mag changes and was done........He signed BOTH of our certificates.

 He did instruct her on proper transport. Plastic grocery bag, in her purse = NO. Thanks for this site. I learned nothing from him, and knew I better do my own research. Again, thanks to all who have posted. I've learned bunches here!

part deux:

--- Quote from: rickbendix on July 23, 2014, 10:07:40 AM ---
My story, I took this guys class, Now I see he has no MI experience. Never mentioned OC. it was at the Firearms Exchange in Livonia.
--- End quote ---

Instructors name?  Was it associated with FX, or was the instructor just renting the facility?


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