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Sean Combs - Open carry arrest, trial and awaiting verdict for OC of a rifle

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Here's the story in case you haven't already heard about it already. I thought I would post the update here since I was not able to post this in the "Press Room" thread as a reply, I just saw it on Fox 2 @ 11:00 news. He is being charges with several misdemeanors, all of which are complete B.S. IMHO. They did throw out the resisting an office charge, but the jury is still out on the rest of the charges.

Not guilty on all charges.

 :) ;) :D ;E.g. I wish they would train those LET's more. Carry On.

I'm glad this turned out the way it did, I hope the prosecutor is feeling foolish for pursuing this.

+1 for all of us. Have to had it to this kid for knowing his rights and exercising them properly.  ;D


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