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Sean Combs - Open carry arrest, trial and awaiting verdict for OC of a rifle

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Shadow Bear:

--- Quote from: bignaz on July 19, 2012, 06:15:52 PM ---Im glad it all worked out for him and that he was aware of his rights however lets face it he did this for attention  and personally i dont like that. A pistol yes. A rifle yes if your going hunting. But not hey im gonna go get some milk and eggs. Let me take out my .338LM for protection because you never know when you might need that extra 10 feet to 2 mile range. Just bad pr and stuff like that is what will get Michigan to become a communist state like the people republic of kalafornia or NY.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, look how badly things have been screwed up by those open carry radicals. Put it back in your pants, for pete's sake- no one wants to see how big your gun is. Think of the children! There's no good reason to open carry a pistol....unless you're an attention whore.


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