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Blissfield Police investigate double homicide

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Not open carry related but close to home, please share on facebook get this photo out there let's get justice for the family, should be a triple homicide the younger female was 7 months pregnant

person of interest. Thomas Jack Fritz of Sylvania, OH, age 38, white male, 5''9'', 186 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes is wanted for questioning. Fritz is driving a burgundy or maroon, 2002 Honda, four-door with Ohio registration of EQP8075.


U.S. Marshals join search for fugitive in Blissfield shooting

"a witness who arrived on the scene just as Fritz was leaving was able to provide the description of the car he was driving. The car, a burgundy or maroon Honda four-door with Ohio license plate EQP 8075, is registered to one of Fritz’s relatives.

 Fritz was incarcerated for one year for a 2007 sexual battery conviction in Wood County, Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. The Lucas County Sheriff’s Office sex offender registry lists his most recent known address as Sylvania."

Sorry for the victims, but this story is full of fail.  Hope they catch the murderer and justice is served.

I guess that is what happens when you have not had a homicide in 70 years and live in the "it's a small town" everyone is safe here and "it will never happen here" thoughts that I am tired of hearing those that live here say.  It's the real world this happens anyplace anytime for unkown reasons.

This event in a "small town" has made national news this afternoon. hope it helps to catch this lowlife


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