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AR-15 Mechanic Wanted

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Looking for a AR-15 Mechanic in Metro Detroit. Prefer Downriver.. Complete Palmetto Build.

Super Trucker:
dougwg on the forums is knowledgeable with gunsmithing, not sure how in depth he is with the ar but it wouldn't hurt to ask him. His shop is in Taylor.
His phone number used to be all over mgo, or just pm him there or ocdo.

I told you not to buy that crap. But did you listen to me? Nooooo!

If is not a Colt, it's just a copy.

PSA rocks. Nothing wrong with it, Builder who has issue's,lol

AR builds are not hard at all. Spend your money on ammo rather than having someone do a build for you. You can do it yourself. There are tons of resources online to help you out. I have done 5 builds now. My last one took me about 1hour 45min. Not sure when you would like to complete this build but I will be home on R&R mid Oct. I would be happy to help you with your build for some pizza and a couple sodas. I can bring all the needed tools and blocks.


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