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AR-15 Mechanic Wanted

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OK Ken. It's running. I ended up getting the spring and other parts yesterday. Took the fire control group apart and sure enough the spring was completely mangled and upside down. Replaced Spring and test fired. Ran great 200+ rounds NO FTF's, or Run aways.. Got her all sighted in and its good to go. Now waiting on another lower to come in then on to the .300 ACC Black out build.
Thanks again...I have become pretty proficient on lowers now and no scratches. Duct tape rocks!

First Build Complete.

Palmetto State Armory 16" .223 Wylde Stainless Mid-length.

Great to hear! Glad we were able to get things figured out. That is a nice stick you have there. I have a mid-length on my bench at the moment too. It is my winter project. Going with a piston system myself, like all my builds. Hope to see you bring it to a shoot sometime.

It's junk.

Anyway... Don't hate...


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