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Went to the PD in Oak Park to get Fingerprinted for Out-of-state CPLs (I have a Michigan CPL).   At first this was going to be a hassle and was told "no" by a clerk, that you can only get printed for jobs and stuff but not for CPLs. I emailed the Chief (Directory of Public Safety) and he promised me that he would clear this up with the clerk and that I could get Fingerprinted for any need I had. So, I went and, sure enough, was not given a hassle this time. But then the officer tried to tell me that I was not supposed to have a weapon in the foyer/front-desk area and had to put it in my car - especially as the fingerprint area was in back. OK, so I did put it in my car and explained that the sign referred to PA 281 and that I was 1) Open Carrying, not Concealing and 2) I had a CPL anyway. She did not believe it was allowed but was polite as I was courteous and had to store my firearm in the car anyway.

I came back and this time got a pat down as they knew I was armed before and wanted to make sure that I complied. Keep in mind that Oak Park does fingerprinting in the booking area which is deep inside and a "sterile" area (not even the officers back there were armed.  I complied and was polite. Then they saw the pepperspray.... I never considered PS a weapon. It is a dog-deterant only. Who would rob banks with it! duh.. But I took it out to my car and this time only brought my key back. But again, Pat down by the male officer with gloves. Yuk, but I was polite and they were professional about it all.

Finally, taken back to booking; fingerprinted and received my copies to mail off.

And then left.

I emailed the chief later to let him know that all-in-all everything went as one would expect and the officers were all courteous and professional. I did add the incident about the signage and he assured me that I was correct and that he would make sure the officers were aware of this as well.

I then went to Walgreen's at 9mile & Coolidge. No problem & nothing said! This is the same one who had the incident of the pharmacist who CC'd and stopped a robbery, but was fired.

So, that was today's experience. Over-All I got what I needed and other than the pat-down (which does not surprise me and I guess I should have known better...) it went well. Had I NOT initially OC'd then the incident would not have occurred to bring the signage to the Chief's attention.

This is what we mean when we talk about people lobbying their own local officials.

The leadership of Michigan Open Carry can't do it all. We applaud the efforts like this where people get involved with their local officials themselves and make first contact. Often this solves the problem right off.

Um, curiosity question why do you need a out of state CPL if you have a MI its the most recognized permit out there?

Not for arms purposes. Many have reasons.

Making a political point for business purposes in my case.


--- Quote from: Scotchman on September 13, 2012, 07:39:11 PM ---I then went to Walgreen's at 9mile & Coolidge. No problem & nothing said! This is the same one who had the incident of the pharmacist who CC'd and stopped a robbery, but was fired.
--- End quote ---

Great job on handling the PD. I love to see people stepping up on their own and handling these types of issues.

Now about the quoted still support that shitty company with your hard earned $$? Personally, I'll never step foot into a Walgreens ever again for how they treated that hero. Especially since the Walgreens nearest me was armed rob twice in 6 months.


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