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Selling a pretty much new Asus G75VW with upgrades


About a month old. Upgraded and ready to go. I got Origin so no need for this.

17 inch 1920X1080 matt display

I7 3610QM Can overclock this if needed 60c load temps ht & turbo on

16 gigs of ram

GTX 660m Overclocks to over 1350mhz on the core performance = to some overclocked GTX 675's but runs much cooler. I have hit over 4k in 3D Mark 11 with this system. Volt modded bios the card should be a 1600mhz card pretty easy. Overclocked load temps were 71c

2 120gig Kingston KyperX SSD's in RADI0 "Trim enabled" 1071.2 mb/s reads 1015.5 mb/s writes. Burst to over 2,200 mb/s

Blue tooth

B,G,N Wifi

Trades make me a offer.

I currently have an Asus G73SW and looking to upgrade,   This'd be perfect! (assuming it's still for sale)

I'll respond with an offer later today when I think of one.

I'll trade you a 200 gallon fish tank set up.  :)


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