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2016: Obama's America

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This is an appropriate movie for showing in your home to as many people as you can on October 31 or sooner.  It is available from Amazon Instant Video and Vudu for those of you that have these services on your DVD players. 

It's more scary that any horror movie that you care to watch and my actually convince some people that the devil himself was elected in 2008.

It was at a few theaters that were brave enough to show it but it is now available on the above referenced sites.  It's also available for purchase at: for 4.95 plus shipping.

Please watch this movie.....

This isn't a movie ! Its garbage.


--- Quote from: duff1 on October 19, 2012, 08:47:56 PM ---This isn't a movie. It's a documentary.
--- End quote ---


It's still garbage.

It's not truthful?  You've watched it?


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