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The time has Come!

I am looking for some people who are SERIOUSLY intrested in buying ammo in bulk form (case). You can buy any cal. size that you want but its got to be in case size (1000 rounds). I will talk with some big ammo companys and get there large bul bulk prices when I get a few guys that are intrested in this. This is about All of us saming money. We all know Anno keeps going up in price and it will not go down!So if you want to get on this deal and your very serious send me your contact # so I may call you.

Thank you

I want another case each of 5.7 (SS197SR or Federal) and 7.62 NATO. 

I could use a case of 7.62x39.

And maybe 9mm.

Based on price and round style, fmj..I'd be interested in a case of 9mm.

9mm is $180/1,000 from bulletguy on MGO...


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