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Get some practice in before the zombie apocalypse comes!

Looking for people that would like to have a private range day in Burton at Advanced Ranges. This is an indoor range that also has a large 3D archery range. So feel free to bring your bow or crossbow.

Sunday December 16th 8am to 11am. IF we can get enough people this event will take place.

Cost would be $10-15 per person and MUST be pre-paid. The more people we get the cheaper it will be. Zombie targets are also available at the range. Also thinking of having a group lunch afterwards.

Please let me know if you would like to attend ASAP. I will have reserve the range by the 29th.

Tried to view their website for range info. But since I am not a member, I couldn't obtain any.

Can we bring evil black rifles and shoot our own factory ammo?

I'm probably in, even if not. I can probably find a pistol to bring.

I'd be in for 10-15. Have you posted this on OpenCarry.org to check interest yet?

Yes Pat, evil rifles welcome.


--- Quote from: ken243 on November 23, 2012, 12:54:23 AM ---Yes Pat, evil rifles welcome.

--- End quote ---

Sweet. How about my factory (non-steel) ammo?

Or do we have to buy theirs?


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