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Oakland County Deputy confused about OC...
« on: May 22, 2010, 01:23:13 PM »
I posted this at OCDO as well...

I OC almost exclusively, unless I'm working [or making a stop after work but before I've gone home]... but I was in my pajamas and wanted to run up to 7-11 for some milk to make my hot-dog helper, so I was 'mexi-carrying'. I didn't feel like grabbing my rig for a 5 minute store run.

Anyway, I guess I wasn't concealing very well when I got out of the car. There were four deputies there in two cars, getting coffee I guess...

On my way out the officer came out and asked me to roll my window down. He then said I had to 'keep it covered up'.

I then informed him that 'Open Carry is legal, though, I usually try to use a retention holster when I do it and that this time was in fact accidental.' This was while I was fishing out my CPL, since I was in the car.

He said 'well, your not legal right now'

'yes I am'

'OC isn't legal in the car'

'but I have my CPL'
'but OC isn't legal in the car'

'It is if I have my CPL'

'well, yeah if you have your CPL... ... ... just keep it covered... it scares people when its 'half concealed'...'

This last part was spoken while I was mumbling 'thanks' and rolling up my window to drive away...

I didn't get their names, but I did get their car numbers if someone wants to do research.

It was at about 9:45, Friday May 21st. Car 1910 and car 1912
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