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Open Carry at Great Lakes Crossing

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Is this a policy change, or just one guy with an authoritah complex?

Any signs on the doors, or anything on the policy/rules boards near the doors?

I've never been there, but it seems like it's been considered OC friendly in the past.

I have been there countless times over the years and always OC'd without issue.  I went probably half a dozen times this winter/spring alone when I wanted a walk but it was too crappy outside.  When I go I usually walk for 60 - 90 minutes and see security 3 or 4 times per visit.  This is the only security guard that has approached me (youngest guard I have ever seen there, first time I recall seeing this particular guard, white guy with blonde hair) and he claims it was a change in policy.  I didn't ask for proof of the policy change or when the change in policy happened.  I didn't see signs on the door or ask about CC being permitted.  He simply asked me to take it out to the car but I was already on my last lap of the building so I just left.  Since I wasn't told CC was against their policy I will simply cover it up if I have reason to go shopping there and won't use it for extended walks like I have in the past as I plan to just get myself a treadmill this fall for walking on the winter/snow/rain days in the future.


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