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9x18/9mm Makarov ammo, anyone have/know where to purchase?


I recently purchased a FEG PA63 in 9x18/9mm Makarov...and stupidly blazed through the box of ammo that the guy gave me with it. I can't find any gun stores, or anywhere online that sells it at a decent price, before their 15-20$ shipping fees.

Does anyone have this for sale, or know ANY gun stores within an hour of Novi/Northville that sell it? I'm fine driving a good distance to stock up on this stuff.

I know it's not close to you.

The only place I have seen it is at On Target in Kalamazoo. I have not been in there for a couple weeks, but they always seem to have 10 or 15 boxes.

I just checked out their website, and was amazed. Says they have a bunch of ammo in stock. Going to call them Friday, if they have 9x18, I'll take the 2 hour drive there no problem. + It looks like their old surplus rifle selection is massive, and I REALLY want a nice Enfield. Thank you!


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