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Looking for 9mm Hydra-Shok 124gr +P+

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Super Trucker:
I wonder why the Ranger pics in reply 3 look so different from the Black Talon pics from the mid 90's? The pics of the Black Talon back then resembled the HST pics in the same post, a star like shape.

A quick search for "win ranger T pics" shows the star like shape in the pics.


This thread needed some follow-up!

Pond Scum:
147 gr HST has been my standard carry ammo in all met 9mm for several years.   I just bought some 124 gr +P for my Sig 938 but after watching this test I could have just kept using the 146 gr. 


Ammo Quest 9mm: Federal Hi-Shok 115gr test

Mine is 147 grain, from what I understand, they never open up and are basically FMJ lol.

I am just glad that I replaced them.


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