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Looking for 9mm Hydra-Shok 124gr +P+

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I don't know exactly what the heck I have in my gun for defensive rounds.  When I bought my gun they recommended a certain defensive round to me.  It is just a white box, Federal 147 grain JHP.  I couldn't find out exactly what it was and thought it was the hydra shock.  I just found out yesterday that it isn't the hydra shock.  So I have some ammo that I don't have the slightest clue what it is.  The guy at my gun shop (not the place I bought the ammo from) wasn't sure what it was so ???

Until yesterday I was fine with having hydra shocks, but now that I don't know what it is I am probably going to get a different ammo.  I suppose I could take a picture and maybe someone might know what it is by look.

Hydra-Shoks are easy to determine.  They have a center post and are loaded in shiny nickel-plated cases.  If it's a plain white box, they probably sold you just some generic re-manufactured hollow-point ammo.  Expansion diameter and reliability will be unknown.  But you said your box said Federal on it, so I don't know what that would be.  It should have all sorts of writing if it's really Federal self defense ammo.

Hydra-Shoks were developed to meet certain FBI requirements, but in practice they didn't work as good as on paper.  What they thought would be good turned out to be some drawbacks in the bullet design.  The center post has been redesigned.  I believe it is softer now.  Its purpose was to aid in expansion, but in practice it can aid the bullet in getting clogged up with clothing and then the bullet will act like a round nose and not expand or not expand as well.  There's lots of writing on this.  You can read reams of ammo testing stuff on the interwebz.

It's still a decent round and accurate, but it is an old design that has been surpassed today.


--- Quote from: gryphon on October 26, 2013, 09:04:11 PM ---Bullet expands equally for all loadings, but oddly enough the faster round seems to penetrate less. 

--- End quote ---

Momentum = mass x velocity.  With expansion being equal, the energy (momentum) is being transferred from the bullet to the target at a greater rate.  The faster the transfer, the faster the bullet slows, the less it penetrates.  How quickly a bullet begins to expand and how long it takes to reach full expansion also affects penetration.

I look at permanent wound cavity during expansion over penetration.  That's where most of the energy is transferred.

I actually found what it is that I have.  It is Federal Hi-Shok, I guess the older model of the Hydra Shock.

Try this:


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