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Michigan Supreme Court denies CADL leave to appeal

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The order says it all.  CADL got denied leave to appeal.  They can still file a motion to reconsider.  If they do (probably won't), the Court will likely deny it again.  This matter (due to how long it would take) was no doubt considered thoroughly by the Court.

--- Quote ---On order of the Court, the motions for leave to file brief amicus curiae are GRANTED. The application for leave to appeal the October 25, 2012 judgment of the Court of Appeals is considered, and it is DENIED, because we are not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court.

CAVANAGH, J., would grant leave to appeal.
--- End quote ---

Don't understand the legalese?  We won.

Of note: we picked up one Democrat: Bridget Mary McCormack

Big sigh of relief and congratulations to all involved.  Thanks for all you do!

Big win!!

Look out quasi-municipal authorities!

Sweet, good work everybody.  Well really it was all me, but I'm humble.  Ok I lied I didn't do anything.

Thanks for the good news.

part deux:

Congrats to the leadership and law team involved with this HUGE win


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