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How did you find out about Michigan Open Carry Inc.?

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I was just curious tonight, those of you that post this forum, how did you find out about Michigan Open Carry, Inc?

I will start. I work for the State of Michigan. I am also one of our "safety monitors" that is responsible to facilitate getting people out of the building during an emergency. At one of our monitor meetings, the building manger talk about the idea of seeing someone with a firearm walking into the building and how it was perfectly legal. He mentioned this organization which led me to research it on the Internet.

I signed up to the forums, became a local coordinator, and the rest is history.

What is your story?

I moved to michigan in 2010 from Florida and found out that mi had open carry. Up until this summer I was always a little gun shy about oc'ing. I jumped on the web and with just a couple key strokes I was on MOC signing up to the forums.  I then decided to become a member after getting information and feeling welcomed by everyone.   I have not looked back and OC everywhere and every chance I get.  Thanks for the help MOC.

"May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't."
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I found out about it after talking to some friends about which handgun I should buy and that I wanted to get my CPL.  One of my friends said "you can just open carry".  I said "REALLY? no way" he said yeah, it's legal in Michigan.  He doesn't open carry or know any of the specific laws he just knew that it was legal.  Being the way that I am when someone tells me something I do some research on it.  I believe I just typed in "Michigan Open Carry" and found this place while I was searching for open carry laws.

And of course I stayed because of all the hot chicks.

I found out about it from the "forum on the dark side". Came here, started going to then hosting events.

If memory serves me right, I heard about MOC on the MGO forum. I went to one of the first or the first get together at Theo and Stacy's. Even went to Bronson Park in Kazoo.
My Saturday work schedule keeps me from attending more events. Carry on, Bob


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