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How did you find out about Michigan Open Carry Inc.?

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--- Quote from: TWiggle on January 17, 2016, 05:57:28 PM ---Through a friend of mine when he invited me to a MOC lunch. I'm now very active in MOC.

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Yes you are sir! Glad to have you.

I heard Brian Jeff's talking about a new idea for a group that he and a few others had. This was back in 2008 it wasn't too long and they were incorporated and accepting membership applications. I purchased a charter membership shortly after they went live with there web presence. A few years later the organization needed a South West coordinator and I volunteered. A few more years went by and the treasurer resigned right before Christmas and at a Board meeting while on vacation in Georgia I volunteered to accept the appointment to the treasurer position. It has been a rollercoaster at times however certainly worthwhile and I have met many new friends in the firearms community.

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