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My step father passed away on Thurs. My sister works in the office at the Alcona High School, where I graduated almost 30 years ago. I took my hunter's safety course there with Mr.Perkins, in class, and we used .22 rifles in the class. Alcona is one of the lowest population counties in the state with little to no violent crime.

I took off my overshirt before I got to the school. I loaded MSP update 86 into my phone before I got out of the car. I was open carrying a sidearm at 3:00 on my right hip. I have entered this school once before open carrying about 6 months ago but my sister met me just inside the door and no one noticed last time.

They noticed this time.

I entered the office and within 10 seconds my sister said, "you've gotta take that outside, this is a weapon free zone."

I told her, "No. State law preempts the school's rule and I wasn't taking it outside."

Then she says, "You're wrong! At least cover it up."

I tell her, "No. If I cover it, I'll be breaking state law. I'm not taking it outside and I'm not covering it up."

She says, "You're wrong. It's illegal and you are breaking the law."

I say, "No! You are wrong. It's not illegal. Call the cops if you want."

She drops it long enough to briefly cover the topics we needed to cover regarding my step dad.

Then, Principal Allison enters the room where I'm speaking with my sister and proceeds to tell me that people are afraid and the only reason the school is not on lockdown is because my sister works there. I told him if he wants to put his school on lockdown that is his choice but that overreactions like that serve no purpose. He further states that he holds a CPL, wishes that he could carry under his suit jacket at the school and he and his administrators, who are now standing outside the room, all KNOW I am breaking the law. I tell him, he is welcome to read the MSP update 86 on my phone. He refuses to take the time to look at it, though he does state that he feels that the state's laws on this topic are convoluted and unclear. He then mentioned a recent incidence down near Flint where the school went on lockdown. I stated that it occurred in Clio and that, if he had paid attention to the reports of the incident, he would know that the school went on lockdown but they could not make the open carrier leave the premises. I told him his weapons free zone was precluded by state law and he said he doesn't know about that. I proceeded to request his email and sent him the link to MSP update 86 and told him to pay special attention to page 2, right hand column, bottom of the page. I also pointed out to him that I graduated from this school and took hunter safety classes there during school. He stated, "Times are different now." To which I replied, "The law is the law. That doesn't change. The only difference is there are less critical thinkers than ever." That was intended as a dig at the public school systems but I don't think he caught it. He then states that the county sheriffs have been called and they are on their way. I tell him I can wait for them if he would like as I have the time and I don't want to appear as if I'm trying to avoid them. He states that if my business at the school is done that I should just go and that would help defuse the situation.

I explained to him that I appreciated the opportunity to converse with him rather than be confrontational as I was merely standing up for my rights. He was polite but appeared agitated as we talked. As I left the office there was a lineup of 3 or 4 people all agape that I had carried into the school. My sister was visibly uncomfortable as she said a curt goodbye. Her and I have never seen eye to eye and I'm sure this incident won't help.

Later that day, I spoke to my other sister's husband. He is an Alcona Sheriff's deputy. I wisecracked that I was glad he didn't have to arrest me today and he inquired what I was referring to. I told him about this incident and he laughingly agreed with me that the school wouldn't be pleased that I carried in there.

Thought I'd share this here. Feel free to contact the principal at the above linked email and let him know your thoughts on this issue.

P.S. I do have a CPL.


Well, after having exchanged a few emails with Principal Allison I believe my visit Oct 18 might even turn out a win/win


Mr. Allison,

These all relate to the Clio incident you mentioned. Happy reading!


Thanks Charlie


Terence Allison
Alcona HS/MS Principal



I'm a stubborn man. I would hope my stubbornness wouldn't reflect poorly on my sister. She doesn't deserve that.

Thanks for the reply. I sincerely enjoyed our exchange yesterday and you demonstrated yourself as a man of class.

My sincere respect,



Your actions do not reflect on Jackie. Thanks for the compliment; I was not concerned about you being in the building yesterday as I know who you are and why you were there. Thanks for talking with me and sharing the information, it was very en lighting, many people, me included, do not know these laws.

Take care


Terence Allison
Alcona HS/MS Principal



Well, I honestly hope that my stubbornness in clinging to my rights will turn into an educational experience for the entire staff. I'm proud of the fact that I am an Alcona Tiger. My years there helped to shape me, form me and turn me into someone who will stand up for what's right. Perhaps my visit there Friday will inspire the same in others.

I'm likely to be at my nephew Walker's graduation.... ;-)



Just more people spouting off about things they know "nothing" about. It's sad even law enforcement won't protect our right to bear arms. They just show up to try to intimidate the L.A.C.

It sounds to me as if with the follow ups that this was a good turnout. People were educated about the legality of open carry in Michigan and the legality of open carry in a school with a CPL. Well done.

Super Trucker:
I would recommend printing MSP 86 for times when you are sure there will be people like you ran into at the school. Most people in that situation ate not going to care about your phone or having you send an email later, but leaving the printed version on the desk might be looked at after you leave.

Not to mention that nice big state police logo. (;

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