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It is with a heavy heart I announce Randy Davis' (Onnie) has decided to resign for the position of Corporate Secretary of Michigan Open Carry, Inc.  Randy has served this organization as a member of the board of directors since November 2011.  His tenure on the Board of Directors is amongst the longest in Michigan Open Carry, Inc. history.  He put countless hours into the organization.  Randy will continue to serve as our membership director/coordinator, processing membership applications -- a job that goes too often unseen and with too little gratitude.  Thank you, Randy, for all you have done and continue to do to help us advance our cause here in Michigan.

I have appointed and the Board of Directors has unanimously confirmed Michael Perchard (Ezenharden) as our new corporate Secretary.  Mr. Perchard has been serving as our SE Regional Coordinator for approximately one year and a Board Member At-Large for approximately 6 months.  Mike has shown the dedication and hard work that makes me and the rest of the Board of Directors very comfortable with this appointment.  Mike will serve the remainder of Randy's term, which is set to expire after the annual membership meeting in 2015.  Randy will continue to help Mike as he transitions into his new role.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Mike to his new role.

Mr. Perchard will be resigning his role as Board Member At-Large to assume his new role as Secretary.  I have appointed and the Board of Directors has unanimously confirmed Tom Lambert (bigt8261) to fill Mr. Perchard's Board seat.  Mr Lambert has been serving as an assistant SW Regional coordinator for over a year.  He is also well known in the greater Grand Rapids region for his persistent efforts to bring the City of Grand Rapids in compliance with State Law.  Tom has been serving under me as the Assistant Legislative Director for Michigan Open Carry, Inc. for the past 4 months.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Tom Lambert to the Board of Directors. Tom's term will expire at the annual meeting in 2014.

In order to give time to his new role, Mike Perchard is also stepping down as the SE Regional Coordinator.  Pat Dunbar (CV67PAT) has expressed interest in resuming his duties in this role.  I have appointed Pat as the SE Regional Coordinator and the Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to confirm my appointment.  Pat served previously as the SE Regional coordinator until he decided to attend classes at Macomb Community College.  Pat's classes as MCC have come to a conclusion and he is eager to get back into his previous role.  As regional coordinator, Pat had setup and attended events throughout SE Michigan.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Pat back!

I am confident the respective individuals will do a great job in their new roles.

And thank you Randy for your continued hard work. The membership processing alone is a full time job!

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Thank you Randy for your service as Secretary!  And to the others, welcome to your new positions!


Well done Randy.  Thanks for your service.

Thanks for your service Randy, a JOB WELL DONE!!


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