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Therein lies the beauty of Article V. It gives us two ways to change things up when times get challenging.

Since the government has tried to reach into our homes, medical care, and pockets, frustrated citizens have talked of rebelling against the government or even secession. But this extreme reaction ignores the fact that the founders saw this day coming and gave us a Constitutional tool which allows us to restrain the out-of-control federal government.

This week, the Convention of States resolution is pending in multiple state legislatures. Many state legislators are standing up and calling for an Amending Convention under Article V. These brave legislators are fighting to take the power from the federal leviathan and return it to you, the sovereign citizen. But they can’t do it without your help.

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Take ERA for example, and the overwhelming success of that.
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I'm hearing that is there is a convention that it might back fire on us.  Hawaii wants to put in that Obamacare is constitutional.  then we have people that want to get rid of 2nd or change it.  Who chooses who goes?  Special Interests group?  I'm not saying that it wouldn't work.  This is becoming more and more the next step to take.


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Yes, the key is how to keep it from going too far.

Something simple like putting the selection of senators back in the hands of state legislatures would do a lot of good and make senators respond to the entire state and not just the interests of the largest pool of voters in a state. It would solve some of the issues people would claim term limits would solve.

Some of the proposed amendments in that book go too far, in my opinion. I think we are best served by a Constitutional republic with democratic tendencies.

A group with a well-organized agenda that fed into the fears of many could subvert the process.

Since we have a defacto two party system, the Demopublicans and Repubmocracts would do all they can to short-circuit the process. How we keep that from happening without letting the coo coo fringe have too much influence is the problem.

What we really need are more real statesmen of character running it than career politicians who are characters running it.

Who gets to choose who goes to this convention and how do we keep out the really bad ideas?
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