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Pond Scum:
Sorry Gryphon, those Delta grips just don't do it for me.  I guess we successfully hijacked this thread from shoulder holsters to a discussion on grips.  So, here is my no color grips.  Real ivory on my highly polished Colt Custom in 38 Super.   :D

I thought you might like the wraparound feature.  That is unique.

I have a new 1911.  I'm seriously thinking about buying a set of Really Old Bone grips.  In fact, I'm going to after I hit SEND here.

Nix that, I have to call to order as it is custom.  Not open at 1:00 AM.

Glenn, I just noticed...your LH panel has a relief cut in the top.  Did you do that yourself or did it come that way?  I need the same thing if grips don't come with it.  My factory grips are just cut off.

Pond Scum:
That cut out is for the ambidextrous safety.  Most places will allow you to order grips with it in for no charge - you just have to check the box or put it in the comments section .... some will have a modest adder.  I have added it myself on a couple of grips with a Dremel but its a whole lot easier to buy them with it.   :D

I'm talking about the pin/rod between the slide catch and the thumb safety.

Pond Scum:
Oh, LEFT panel!  I guess I should have raised my left hand before answering.   Doh!

No, I didn't do that ... the grips just came that way.  I need to check a couple of sets and compare them.  I believe that some have more of a cut out than others .. it  may have something to do with the thickness of the grips but I'm no expert. 


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