Author Topic: What efforts does your organization undertake to educate non-gun owners?  (Read 1738 times)

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This email was sent specifically to me, but I'm posting it here so the community may add to my response.

Today I read the story…. “Open Carry March” on MLive.

I have a sincere interest in educating myself about city, state, and federal gun law and learning the facts about how crime and public safety can be impacted by accepted and lawful concealed carry and open carry practices.

Some facts about me…

-          I grew up in a family of non-gun owners

-          Other than my niece who is married to a young Baltimore Maryland Police Officer, I have no ties to law enforcement

-          I have never owned a gun (although I would have no restrictions if I chose to do so)

-          I have no interest in purchasing or owning a gun at this time

-          The handful of times I have hunted in my 47yrs were enjoyable and took place under strict instruction and supervision

-          I have no issues with responsible, law abiding gun owners who choose to conceal carry or open carry their firearms

-          I’m concerned about officials at all levels of government who’ve shown disregard for the rights of the citizens they serve

-          I have a sincere appreciation for law enforcement officers and the challenges of the job they must perform

-          I also have a growing concern about the few in law enforcement who knowingly abuse their power and their knowledge of the law to bully honest law abiding citizens (as appears to be the case of Johann Deffert)

I have no interest in attending “pep rally” type events (which according to the video I viewed on your facebook page… this event appeared to be).

Has your organization engaged local law enforcement (in either an official or non-official capacity) about these issues in a forum which non-gun owners could participate, learn and hear both sides?

Is the type of organization that is capable of holding events for non-gun owners in my community of West Michigan to hear concerns from admittedly non-educated (and in some cases fearful) citizens to engage in meaningful discussion and education?

First, let me say thank you for your question. It always pleases me when people wish to be more informed. As I'm sure you are aware, this entire topic can be very complex at times, so I will do my best to answer questions where a simple answer will suffice, and point you in the right direction where there may be more involved in the answer.

Michigan Open Carry holds many different types of events. They range from small, more personal, get-togethers at local restaurants or parks, to large and very public, "pep" rallies at the State Capital. We also hold many informational seminars geared towards providing more detailed information on open carry. Many different types of people attend our seminars, including people who do not currently own a firearm, people who solely carry a concealed pistol, and current and former law enforcement.

MOC is also always open to suggestions for events. As for holding an event for people to express their concerns, the problem would be getting more than one or two of such people to attend in order to make the event worthwhile. They are always welcome and I would love it if more came to our events, but it just doesn't happen. That being said, on numerous occasions I have offered my personal time to people to sit down and talk. These offers are almost never taken, but I continue to offer nonetheless.

For more information on the laws and best practices of openly carrying a handgun, I would direct you to our website Also, check out our public forums I have posted your email, after removing your personal information, for other members of our community to respond to.

Thank you again for reaching out. If there is anything else I may do, or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

-Tom Lambert

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I don't think that anything needs to be added to the response.  Other than addressing every point that was made it seems that your reply is good and welcoming.  If they desire to pursue more information they know where to look and can always send another E-mail.

Maybe suggest that they can come and register for a listing of events to see if there is anything they would enjoy attending.

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Good read Tom,

You may want to mention Ryan R.'s work with the State police in regards to legal Update 86, as a point of how MOC has worked with Police (for depts. that feel they want/need help). And please invite them to any local seminars (email update).

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Great response. I wonder if the person responded to the offer to 'sit and talk?' 

We need to invite via local media when events are being held. If this gentleman was in this area Id like to join in the 'sit and talk' w/ lunch, perhaps. Id even buy..

Ive belonged to a couple gun clubs over the years. Ive suggested a 'Legislators/Media Day' but always get great resistance.

"no one will come"--how does anyone know that--invite and make em say NO. Next year Im inviting US Rep and Senators to 'shoot w/ me at a 22 BR match--early, when the shooting schedule first comes out. To invite now would probably get an 'Ive something scheduled' but perhaps now Im jumping to conclusion.