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Warchilds plainclothes experience

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Original story:

..."It's none of your F'n business what I have...

Good job boy! ;D

Good answer, Warchild.  My guess is he ran your plate and and connected to Lien and discovered that you do have a CPL and then realized there was nothing to follow-up on.  What was he after anyway, save you from yourself?

T Vance:
You should FOIA that day and time and see if LEIN was improperly used.

Thanks guys, but no, the look on his face was worth more than paying for a FOIA. I get that surprised look on the rare occasion I challenge a cop. Challenge me with that much attitude and you may get it right back. I don't care if he ran my plate or not. I went about my business and broke up his apparent boredom.

So what didja have :-P   ;D


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