Author Topic: Shots Fired in Lansing Neighborhood  (Read 4365 times)

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Shots Fired in Lansing Neighborhood
« on: August 01, 2010, 12:22:26 AM »
So, tonight, around 8:00 PM, I went to my gun club over near Dimondale (SW of Lansing) and squeezed off a few target practice rounds.  I came home -- after buying some Q-Tips (cleaning supplies) and talking to my neighbor, I took my seat on my front stoop (where I usually clean my weapon) with all of my cleaning supplies and I proceeded to field strip my Springfield.  By now it is about 10:15 PM.  About 5 minutes into the job, I hear 2 gun shots (about 5-10 seconds apart) that came from the SSW of my house -- about 3-4 blocks away and clearly outdoors.

I did what any responsible person might do, I called the Lansing PD non-emergency dispatch hot line.  I told the dispatcher my location and what I heard and whereabouts I heard it from.  She said she'd notify the officers in the area.  Within 3-5 minutes, I see 3 cops cruising either down my road or the cross street.  The first one to go down my street stopped in front of my house.  At this point, I was cleaning the frame.  He could clearly see I had a handgun as my front stoop light was on.  The encounter goes thusly:

(Enter Stage right LPD in cruiser car and stops)
LPD: Have you heard gun shots in the area?
Me: Yes, I was the one who called it in.
LPD: You were the caller?
Me: Yes.
LPD: Where did you hear the shots come from?
Me: (Pointing) SSW of here.
LPD: By the school?
Me: That direction, but probably a block or two further south.
LPD: Thanks
(Exit Stage Left - LPD Cruiser car)

Within a minute or two, a second LPD unit went down my block in the same direction at a pretty heavy clip (probably about 35-45 mph -- given it's a residential neighborhood, that's pretty fast).  This unit didn't stop.

Aside from another car that went down the adjoining street just prior to the first car going down my street, I didn't see or hear from them again.

After I finished cleaning my pistol, I reassembled it, put away my cleaning supplies, and grabbed my loaded JHP magazine, loaded and holstered my firearm, and went for my evening walk (around 10:45 PM).
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Re: Shots Fired in Lansing Neighborhood
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 11:59:15 AM »
I heard a few shots friday night over by ncg at around midnight,and again near my house around 3.

seems to be alot of shooting in the area eh?
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