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Think I generated MWAG call
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:19:39 PM »
Think, because nobody ever came to talk to me :)

Most of the neighborhood has to drive past my house to get out.  Dumb set up, there's only one street leading out of the sub.

I'm washing and waxing the pimp mobile, when I notice one of our finest LEO parked on a cross street that t-bones into my street a couple doors down.  They are in their car in the middle of the street talking to somebody in a parked car.  They left, and went around the block putting them closer to the exit, never even passing by my house.  The car went deeper into the neighborhood.

1/2 hour later, the same car comes back by my house and the female in the pass seat is just staring at me ;)  I would have waved but I cleaning the wheel well.  Since they publish all the local calls, I'll be looking in this weeks paper.

On a positive note, met another neighbor who shares an interest in cars, and apparently is seldom unarmed (was today), and often OC.  Sent him to look up the site,  We talked until his wife came and fetched him :)