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got sheriff called me in iosco county this weekend

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was out fishing on cooke pond. im guessing some other boater saw i was OC my pistol and called the sheriff on me, they came to our fishing spot and started their investigation. once they confirmed i had a valid CPL they went on their way. first time i had sheriff pull up next to me while out fishing on a boat.

What was their reason for stopping you?

im assuming a man on a boat with a gun. he said they had a report of a suspicious person who was armed (because me fishing is super suspicious!). he said they had to investigate as is their SOP when it comes to reports of armed people and motor vehicles.. he said he has alot of issues with city people who dont know the rules of being on a boat on the water. he wanted to make sure everything was in order. im assuming since the boat is motorized the same rules apply as a motorcycle and car for carrying, must have a CPL to OC while on/in a motor vehicle. im hoping the same doesnt happen with DNR one day while out on the quads while i am OC. we had a discussion here on this prior to fishing season when i was seeking clarification on the rules of carrying while on a boat. he didnt ticket me or anything (honestly i was doing nothing wrong) and as soon as i saw them coming i pulled my wallet out and set on the boat seat so i wasnt reaching anywhere that would give them a reason to draw down on me or do something stupid. he pulled up, i declared i had a cpl he looked at it. made sure i had a valid fishing license and went on his way after apologizing for the encounter. i guess only thing i got out of it was my name in an iosco county encounter/investigation report for the sheriff.

I was wondering if he demanded to see your CPL. I don't think he had a legit reason to stop you, but I don't know if special rules apply while on a boat. IE, is it ok for them to just check to see if you are licensed (fishing), which gived them the authority to create a stop a will.

i can assume since one needs a CPL to carry ona  boat. they would have the ability to make a stop to double check. like they do when they see someone on a motorcycle who is carrying. since its a motor vehicle i think there are special circumstances. either way all my paperwork is legit and nothing came of it so im ok with it. just thought id share the LEO encounter


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