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Why Open Carry?

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--- Quote from: redskin on July 19, 2010, 12:33:14 PM ---I might have missed it, but I was browsing the website for an ordered, succinct, and well thought-out answer to the question: Why Open Carry?

I don't need a reason, I do it everyday, but it seems like it would be a topic we would want to be easily accessible to the new, the curious, and the opposed.

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This is on the MOC, Inc. home page

Open carry is more than open carry
Brian G. Jeffs, 1st President, MOC, Inc.

It’s true that open carry has many advantages: a faster draw, a larger caliber handgun and greater round capacity; sure it’s been shown to deter crime, and it is immensely more comfortable to carry in warm weather, but it is much more than that. Open carry brings gun ownership out of the closet. It shows your friends and neighbors, your state and your country that you are not afraid of taking on the responsibility of protecting yourself and the ones you love from evil. Open carry is a visible expression of our natural right to self preservation. Open carry makes a statement that we are not afraid to stand up to the “politically correct” ideology that has created a nanny state, where the government is there to help us if we just do as they say, and a pox on anyone that disagrees.

Open carry can lead us out of this stupor and deliver us once again to the days when a man could stand tall and be proud of his community, his state, and his country. When you open carry you are saying to the world, I’m my own man, I’m able and willing to defend myself, my family, and if need be my community, my state, and my country. It also states that I’m willing to stand up and speak truth to authority. It’s shameful that we as law abiding citizens must stand up to authority, the very authority that we have empowered, when questioned about our lawful right to openly carry a firearm. But stand up we must. The open carry of a firearm speaks volumes and it’s says much more than just open carry.

Thanks Venator. I did find that after I posted this thread. My concern is that it is hard to find, even if it is there. I think this question is the one people want answered, and if we can answer it we can help our own cause. Doing so effectively, in my mind, means making that more prominent - even making it a permanent link on one of the menus.


--- Quote from: redskin on July 21, 2010, 12:26:55 AM ---Thanks Venator. I did find that after I posted this thread. My concern is that it is hard to find, even if it is there. I think this question is the one people want answered, and if we can answer it we can help our own cause. Doing so effectively, in my mind, means making that more prominent - even making it a permanent link on one of the menus.

--- End quote ---

Well it is on the Home page of MOC, Inc.  It has also been posted on other sites.  I hope the article gives you some information to build your own response to the question "Why open carry?"

All my best,
Brian Jeffs

why OC?

here's my take on it - similar to most on here but will put it out anyway

why carry at all CC or OC? not to be a victim. this evens the playing field. laws that restrict weapons are only disarming law abiding citizens from defending themselves from those that are armed illegally and could care less about the law or you. when texas passed the CC law and permits were issued it wasn't long at all before criminals were piling up in the morgue. texas law basically says 'that's what you get'.

OC instead of CC - if i am CC in my daily duties and i am confronted with a situation where i or someone around me is chosen as a target for whatever crime by an assailant with a deadly weapon chances are my gun is coming out and somebody is going to get shot. i didn't plan it or want it but it came my way. lots of paperwork, maybe an arrest, legal and mental issues for many months to come. people in nice air conditioned brightly lit offices sitting in high back adjustable comfy seats who live in half million dollar houses will sit and look for months at cold written accounts of what you did in the dark or rain and a decision you had half a second to make. they will assume you asked for it somehow.
if i OC then it's different. whatever illegal issue someone brings towards me or someone around me they now are looking at what they know to be an armed citizen. i do not have the same rules of engagement the police have. as an armed citizen openly carrying my firearm i actually have less restraints for deadly force than a police officer. i do not have to retreat due to the castle doctrine placed into law like the police too. if the assailant approaches you knowing you are armed and still proceeds then it is clear their mental process is clearly compromised. the last thing going thru their criminal mind is a 9mm.
criminal intent - i would say most stranger crime victims are targeted by oppurtunity. the BG may or may not have intended to rob or attack someone rather they just happened on a situation they could take advantage of. for this type criminal the sight of an open carrier would for most instantly rule out any chance. me and everyone around me are skipped for any criminal target. they can go be stupid somewhere else and me and those with me go home.

drunk or drugged individuals lack the little common sense they do have and more likely to be a problem. you would be trying to put logical thinking where there is none. you of course would give warnings and orders to stop. often times they are more resistant to force just from sheer adrenaline. the worst in my opinion are the addicts not on drugs going thru withdraw. they will say or do anything to get what you have to buy drugs. they are driven by one desire and no amount of reasoning or warnings will deter them.

another issue is when you draw on an individual and give the warnings if time permits the assailant thinks that you don't have the guts to shoot them. they will slowly get nearer trying to calm you while trying to get close enough to grab your weapon from you. don't make it easy and hold it straight arm out. my advice is don't carry if you can't shoot when it becomes necessary. you become a victim anyway and provide them with a loaded weapon. i also suggest fire a shot into something safe (dirt, dumpster, their car, a tree, etc.). this shows it's loaded, you will shoot and that pow noise is going to raise a lot of attention your way. warning shots look better in court.

for the most part people generally don't react negatively to the sight of the weapon. there are a few that will but that's a small percentage. a reassuring demeanor and if approached a carefully worded explanation of the law works wonders. once the general public is aware and it is more common then apprehension will turn to comfort. every month that goes by law enforcement is gaining understanding in the law and it's application and acceptance. 911 dispatchers are asking more questions to weed out OC as opposed to legitimate weapon threats. every interested person you educate is like a ripple effect or like that shampoo commercial from the 70's with heather locklear - they'll tell 2 friends and they'll tell 2 friends..and so on and so on. (youtube it if you're too young to remember it).

as with anything there may be the isolated idiot that will make us all look bad and set us back years in acceptance. some purposely put themselves in front of the police to bait an encounter. some are attention whores who do this for the wrong reasons. some place themselves in harms way to test their image. the true reasons are simple. utilize the law to further the right of self protection and send a message to the lawless - NOT HERE!!

the best arming you can carry is knowledge. know your weapon, know when and how to use it, know your surroundings, know the law that allows this freedom. prepare your answers for police, dumb question people, interested people, concerned people and anybody else who challenges your right. wear it proud. you represent us all. thats it. thanks for reading.


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