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Michigan Open Carry has been invited back to the Big Boy's in Grandville for another fundraiser dinner, some of the proceeds from the dinner will be kindly donated to Michigan Open Carry to go towards helping us continue to fight for the rights of all people in this state to bear arms in a manner they wish!

If you have wanted to attend an OC gathering this is a great opportunity to meet some like minded individuals, speak with members of MOC leadership, and help a good cause succeed by having some dinner.  This Big Boys has been very welcoming to us and to OCer's and we are excited to have an opportunity to help support their local business as well. 

This event will not have a specific time that it is taking place so feel free to come in any time between 4pm and close September 8th and have dinner.  The last couple of times a fundraiser has been hosted there we had a significant turn out, so you wont be the only one.  Bring friends, bring family, bring anyone that you wish, these events as all events put on by MOC are open to the public and you do not need to be a member to join.


When: Monday 9/8

Where: Big Boys 4950 Wilson Ave Grandville, MI 49418

Time: 4pm-9pm

If you have any questions please feel free to email
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