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Unintentional OC at Sparrow Hospital

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So the original plan was to drop my wife off at the entrance, park the car, secure the firearm and meet up with the wife.

Unplanned event #1.  No valet at the main entrance at arrival.  No big deal, expose the firearm, enter, grab wheel chair, exit.

Unplanned event #2.  Wheel wife inside, valet is there now and I'm being given directions on how to get her to Labor & Delivery.  No big deal, tuck the shirt in while in the elevator.

About 50 minutes later, my daughter Anna is born.  Woohoo!!!  About 15 minutes later, a nurse comes in an informs me a security guard would like to speak to me about my firearm.  He escorts me from L&D to my car to secure my firearm.  He was cool about it.  Sparrow Hospital is private property, so I was cool with it.  We chatted about firearms as we walked.  He carries off duty. ;)

I must say I'm very grateful to Sparrow for allowing me to remain in the room until after the birth.

Daughter Anna?  Woohoo!  Congratulations!   


Pond Scum:
Congratulations Dad!   :D

pttf i expected a name like ubuntu or fedora


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