Author Topic: Para Expert 5" .45 ACP 1911, stainless, new/unfired, with case and 2 mags $500  (Read 7039 times)

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The title pretty much says it.
The Expert is a mostly basic 1911 in .45ACP with green fiber optic front sight, bobbed hammer, beavertail safety, enlarged ejection port, match grade barrel with solid bushing, skeletonized trigger, black synthetic grips and flat mainspring housing.
Comes from the factory with two 8 round magazines, a cable lock, and fitted plastic case.

Sitting in my FFL's vault outside Charlotte. Never registered, but I already claimed the rebate on it.

Use the PM function in the forum to contact me, that way it's easy to know who contacted me first.

Here's the product description at Bud's:
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