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We've created this forum so that IT announcements aren't cluttering up the main Announcements forum.

You may also ask questions or submit requests/ideas here (of course, not everything will get implemented necessarily).

Super Trucker:
Can you fix Tapatalk?
It is all but useless now. I had to delete then reinstall it, now I have to log in everytime and then select unread posts, that is way more effort then needs to be used.
It worked just fine up until it was changed a month or two back.

Actually it is working BETTER for me, and I'm experiencing none of the symptoms you describe.  Perhaps your Tapatalk setup?

Super Trucker:
Not sure about that, it works fine on all the other forums.
It worked fine here until whatever change happened a month or 2 ago.
 It stopped working so I deleted it then reinstalled, and it doesn't save anything now.

It recognizes all my read posts and keeps me logged in, and I have the latest, updated version of Tapatalk (recently upgraded), so my guess is it is not the forum but your settings or something.  But I'm no Tapatalk expert.


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