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Holster options for OC in the winter


I am really new to the oc and hand guns in general and would like to know what holsters everyone is using for oc in the winter.

I use the same holsters in the winter and summer.  There is no reason to change, unless you do not have a CPL and are worried about your winter coat concealing your pistol.  If so, then you either need to wear a short coat, a drop-leg holster (Safariland makes them for cops that wear coats), or a thigh-holster so that your pistol stays in the open.

As of now I don't have my cpl but looking to change that soon. I will have to look into the drop leg holster for the remainder of the winter until I get my cpl.

One nice thing about Safariland, if you find a holster you like and that fits your gun, you can just buy different belt attachments for it to make your holster ride higher or lower, you don't have to buy a new holster.  They probably only cost around $10.  The complete thigh rig would be more, of course.

Honestly, winter OC is as much about the coat as the holster.  My criteria for a OC coat are:

1. Provide enough warmth
2. Short enough to ride on top of the holster
3. Cinch at the waist to prevent accidental covering due to movement
4. Tight enough to the body to not interfere with the draw

I have a coat with a inner lining/outer shell that can separate.  The inner lining is good for OC.  It's short and has bungee cords to cinch the waist.  The outer shell is way too long for OC.  I have a Galco and a Serpa holster, both OWB.  The Galco rides close to the body, the Serpa sticks out.  (I don't own one, but I know Safariland sticks out too)  The Galco doesn't provide much room to tuck the coat without interfering with the draw.  The Serpa works much better in that regard.

As with any form of carry and clothing, unload the weapon and test things out.  Move, walk, bend, stretch.  Know how your clothing and firearm will interact together.  Practice drawing and reholstering.  Can I get a firing grip while holstered?  Can I actuate the retention mechanism? Does it snag going in or coming out?  Do I have to adjust the coat prior to reholstering?

To be perfectly frank, the easiest and safest way to OC in the winter is with a CPL.  It won't matter if your coat covers any portion of the firearm.

TL;DR:  It's the coat, not the holster


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