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"Am I being detained?"

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The reason to ask if you are detained or free to go is because you're leaving if you're free to go.
This camera wielder has it right. (unfortunately the badge-heavy chap simply changed his mind as to whether the citizen was being detained)

It's always fun to read some of the comments from people that don't care that they toss away their rights every day by doing everything the police ask.  And say "oh well, just show your ID, quit being a *blank*, and I hope someone shoots this guy one day".... meh.

Brainwashing at it's finest creating the strong nation of sheeple.


--- Quote from: Jeff on March 26, 2015, 10:43:18 PM ---Brainwashing at it's finest creating the strong nation of sheeple.

--- End quote ---


A little too much talking or my taste, but he did the most important thing, he maintained his polite and respectful demeanor throughout the entire encounter.

Interestingly enough, from what I've seen said about this video elsewhere, this is apparently the same guy from from the recent LGOC near a school video that has caused so much butt-hurt among the "pro 2A" community.


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