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Questions about open carrying. Waiting on my CPL

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Hi all!

I am new here and looking for specifics. I own a landscaping company and recently received a contract that requires me to go to a not so nice part of Inkster two times, weekly. The main problem is the 50k in equipment that tags along with me.

I understand I cannot use the weapon to stop them from taking my equipment just like a CPL. However I am hoping to avoid confrontation by having my weapon on me and visible.

Are there any specific laws I need to follow other then unloading the weapon before I get back into the vehicle until I have my CPL license? These are both residential addresses who have not told me specifically to not carry on the property.

Thank you!!

part deux:
read the FAQ.  Riding mower is going to be a no go without a CPL.

Wow seriously?

That is not good.

There are arguably some grey areas (untested in court) to OC without a CPL, and you might have to defend yourself in court if arrested.  I think you understand that you will want to get your CPL as soon as possible.

I have already registered. Just waiting for it in the mail. I think this might be one of the times I chance it until then in fear of safety for my life


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