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SB 0305 - Michigan Knife Preemption

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SB 0305, introduced on 04/29/2015 by Senator Michael Green, would add preemption of local knife laws in Michigan, similar to what currently exists with firearm preemption.  Michigan's knife laws aren't fantastic by any means, but the major patchwork of local restrictions makes carrying a knife even more of a burden, so if this passes it will be a major step in the right direction.  A lot of folks who carry guns also carry knives, so this bill is likely right up our alley - be sure to write your senator in support of this bill.

Bill text:

Bill status:

(Edit) This bill would also remove the prohibition on the sale and possession of switchblades in Michigan.

I am only okay at reading and interpreting legalese.

I see the same problem here that firearms preemption has, no teeth.

I am also weary that Mike might help create another loophole.
So I am interested to hear how this will really interact with the existing statutes.

Bill isn't about guns, therefore our legislative team is recommending a position of neutral.

Super Trucker:
Are you saying that nobody that carries a gun would benefit from this?

To me neutral means "we don't care what happens".

To me, in this context, neutral means "MOC is a single issue org, this isn't our issue".


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