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A while back we changed to a secure connection, HTTPS v. HTTP.  As I remember Jason said, "why not?"

Does this actually do anything for us?  I ask because I believe HTTPS uses more memory (I assume).  Whenever my computer runs low on available/contiguous memory HTTPS sites won't load.  And it forces me to reboot my computer more often.  At least using Chrome.

The root cause may be poorly written software that has memory leaks, or Windowz that has poor memory management.  Or a combination of both.  My problem, I know.  I'm seriously thinking about switching back to Firefox because it doesn't have as many problems as Chrome (Chrome has other issues as well, particularly with some news sites and the various methods they are using for their comment section).

Of course, Firefox has it's own issues, like switching back and forth between being behind a firewall/VPN and not, forcing a restart of Firefox.  Chrome can handle that.


I had to ditch chrome because of the memory bloating the longer I kept it running and a really annoying constant CPU use that drove me over the edge to switch.  Using things like toomanytabs did not even help.  FF has one or 2 minor issues related to my work I don't like but otherwise I prefer FF now.  I am able to use all the same extensions I used in Chrome and it only takes half or two thirds as much memory.  It also doesn't even load a tab into memory when you restart FF and have it save your last open tabs (I usually have 20 - 30 open + 20 - 30 docked in toomanytabs).  Once I start clicking on some of the tabs for work and they refresh my memory starts to climb but rarely does it go much over 1GB.

Authentication and any operation that requires authentication should be performed over a secured connection.

It is highly recommended that each website you visit has a unique password.  Unfortunately, I am guessing that someone's MOC password is the same as their online banking password.  Protecting credentials, no matter how trivial one may see a site, is important to helping others who aren't following best practices.

Pond Scum:
I do most of my browsing on my Macbook Air or iPhone.  I don't seem to have any issues! ::) ::) ::)

...aaanddd I'm a bad person for just now seeing this thread.

As far as I know, HTTPS should not be causing additional memory usage.

I'm a big fan of the securitiez.


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