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Belleville MI


part deux:
Is (has?) undergone a paradigm shift.

At least one local officer vehemently supports OC.  Someone suggested he's actually the Chief, but I don't know.  Says, "I want Belleville to be known as the town where all the crazy people openly carry guns" :)  this is a far cry from a now retired sgt who believed that mere mortal citizens shouldn't be allowed to carry at all, much less openly.

Had an interesting chat with a fellow from PA, that was absolutely positive if you had a conceal carry permit in PA, you could not openly carry.  From what I can find, there is nothing in the law that suggests that is true.  Looks like PA suffers from the same misinformation that plagues MI.

I've OC'd in PA on the way through to NH -- only at a gas station though.


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