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There were many factors that brought hubby and I to pursue obtaining our CPL several years ago.  We found MOC soon after and have been active members since.  Hubby has been on the forums quite some time and suggested that I join to support/share.

Why I choose to open carry?  There has been much discussion on losing tactical advantage by open carry vs. concealed carry.  My goal in carry is protection.  I hope to NEVER have to pull my gun from the NEVER have to pull the trigger.  (Except for, of course, practice and training)  I see open carry as not only my RIGHT.........but, as a deterrent.  Criminals look for the easy victim.  Open carry assists me in becoming a less inviting target.

A side story..........while carrying in our community..........a police officer chose to THANK us for open carry..........stating that he wished more in our community would.  He says he wants the criminal factors to look at our town and choose to NOT come here as, "Those crazy @#**#@ carry guns."

I'll be seeing y'all on the forums!

Welcome from Okemos. :)


Greetings from Charlotte.

Pond Scum:
Welcome!  Nice review of your reasons to OC!   :D


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