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I took my two sons with new tonight to the Meijer in Jackson tonight. OC my Ruger SR9, with my Blackhawk CQC paddle holster. I have my CPL.
Walking in the door the greeter stared at me in disbelief, but didn't say anything. I walked around getting a few items that I needed with out incident. I stopped in sporting goods looking for some 9mm JHP's, but there were none. I asked the women that was straightening up if they had any and she looked at me like I had three heads.

No incidents, no talks.

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Pond Scum:
Nice job!   :D

Was this the Airport Meijer or the one on Michigan? I regularly OC at the Airport Meijer, and there's one greeter (an older woman) who has treated me any differently for it. I only visit the old Meijer occasionally, but I've never had a problem there.

The one in Michigan. I'm new to the area (been here two months), and it's 5 minutes from my house.

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Pond Scum:
I have OC'd at 4-5 Meijers in west Michigan without trouble.   Not even a second glance.


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