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OC holster style preference?

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I have for pistols that I rotate carrying. What I carry any given day, and how I carry (OC, or CC) just depends on what's going on, and how much pain I'm in. I've had two back surgeries (24 and 25 years old) and I'm in chronic pain.

I carry the following:
Ruger SR9 in A Blackhawk CQC paddle OWB retention holster.
Sig P238 in the OWB belt holster it came with
MP40 Shield, IWB soft holster
Remington 1911 R1 .45 IWB soft holster.

When I carry my 1911 for any length of time, it bothers my back because it's so damn heavy. So I picked up a drop leg, tactical retention holster for it. It was delivered today.

So I ask, what do you carry and how do you carry it? What type of holsters do you prefer? If anyone has back issues, I would LOVE to hear what you carry. I had an L5/S1 fusion 10 years ago, and was left with chronic pain.

Also, any recommendations on an audio recorder? I never thought to carry one, before joining.

Please excuse any typos, phone keyboards are not the best...


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My main OC pistol is a Five-seveN carried usually in a Safariland SLS, although I also have a Blackhawk CQC for it.  I will occasionally OC a different pistol for specific reasons in a Safariland as well.

When I CCed the last pistol I carried was a 1911 and I used a Crossbreed.  I can highly recommend a Crossbreed or one of the analogues like a Comp-Tac MTAC.  They are awesome for making a heavy IWB carry comfortable.  As for your back issues, don't know if that will make a difference.  Ounces are ounces, and IWB or OWB won't make a difference, will it?  Will carrying two spare loaded magazines opposite help with the unbalanced weight problems with your back? Two single stacks don't weigh much, though.

As for recorders, get the Sony ICD-333, about $49 street price.  That's the updated ICD-312 which is what I carry.  I wear mine from a short lanyard around my neck under my (button, collared) shirt, but you can also carry it in your shirt pocket or mag pouch.

Ounces are ounces, but I find that where the pistol sits matters. My 1911 IWB kills my back after carrying for two hours, but I can carry my SR9 OWB all day without issue. I think it's a two fold issue. With the IWB I walk different, I'm sure. I also change how I stand still, I shift my center of gravity to my right foot more.

I ordered the ICD, and should have it Friday. Thanks for the suggestion!

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No more back issues from my long ago herniated disc since I dropped about 60 pounds over the past 3ish years but I carry a glock 19 and 2 spare mags in a safariland 6367 and a galco belt.  Once my galco belts (I have like 4 of them I switch between) eventually wear out I will be looking to get a higher quality belt, probably from RG Leather or Lake Defense Company.  A good belt can really help if you don't have one yet.

part deux:
I'll 2nd crossbreed.  Wife has a alien gear holster, and there is a difference.


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